Intermediate Level - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. Its mandate is to assist Member States in their struggle against illicit drugs, crime and terrorism. This committee is great for people who already have some MUN experience.

Topic A: Countering Drug Traffic-Financed Terrorism

Topic B: Treatment of Juvenile Offenders in Correction Facilities

According to the UNODC’s World Drug Report 2007, the total potential value of Afghanistan’s 2006 opium harvest accruing to farmers, laboratory owners and Afghan traffickers reached about $US3.1 billion. The debate will involve looking at solutions to break the link of drug money funding terrorism and eradicate these illegitimate networks that perpetuate so much destruction throughout the world.

Differentiating between adult and juvenile convicts is seen as something almost natural in our society. The crimes of under-aged felons usually are not punished as harshly. Often their sentences are supplemented with therapy and education.

This concept of a distinct justice system for juveniles focused on treatment has come under attack in recent years.

The increasing incidence and severity of crimes committed by juveniles led many to question the efficacy of the juvenile court system and to call for a harsher response to juvenile crime. Juvenile delinquency that results in serious offenses has come to be viewed as more of a criminal problem than a behavioral problem, resulting in a shift in the public response to the management of juvenile offenders.

Therefore, this topic needs a discussion on various levels. An assessment of the actions of the international community must be made. Furthermore, a fitting solution within the framework of human rights as well as children’s rights must be found, while respecting the boundaries of national sovereignty.


Shai Hillel


Shai is 25 years old, currently a third-year Political Science and East Asian Studies with Chinese student at Tel Aviv University. Her Model United Nation path began in 2016, and over the past two years she has participated in over 12 MUN conferences, in Israel and abroad, as a delegate and as a Chair, all had given her the opportunity to grow and improve as a person. At this academic year, she is honored and privileged, to be the Chairwoman of TAUMUN, which is, to her, like a second family.

Max Schwaiger


Maximilian Schwaiger is a 20-year-old student of European Studies at Maastricht University. Originally, he is from Vienna, but he has also lived in Sweden and Poland before moving to the Netherlands. He is interested in the fields of International relations and diplomacy, which made him join UNSA’s Permanent Delegation last year. He enjoys travelling and is almost always available for a game of chess.

Ranjana Ravi


This is Jana, a 4th and final year student attempting to make it through uni in Law and International Relations in University of Edinburgh. Born in India at the tender age of 0, she moved to Edinburgh aged 13 and has called this beautiful place her home ever since. She has done MUN for over 7 years, having chaired numerous times. Apart from MUN, mooting, working and living an excessively caffeine/redbull dependent lifestyle, she enjoys drinking tea, exercising and a good night-out.

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