The Secretariat

The Team Behind St. Gallen MUN Conference 2018

Marco Colpo


Marco is an Italian Bachelor student of International Affairs at the University of St.Gallen. He loves travelling and considers himself a person very much open to cultural diversity, as long as this cultural openness does not entail the freedom to put pineapple on pizza. Besides politics, his main interests are football and history. He has entered the world of MUN more than two years ago, when he attended MEDMUN 2016. Since then, he has participated in various conferences around Europe and taken over board duties at the local MUN club during the spring semester 2017. He looks forward to welcoming you all here in St.Gallen!

Leonardo Castritius

Deputy Secretary-General

Leonard Castritius is a 20 year old German student at the University of St.Gallen. Before coming to Switzerland he graduated and lived in the wonderful city of Munich in Bavaria, where he discovered that the world has more to offer than just knowing where the best beer is brewed. Thus, after school he absolved a voluntary year in the German Mountain Infantry where he could intensively pursue his passion for all kinds of mountain sports before going to University. Leonard is an open and interested student who loves to learn about new cultures and their people. In his major in International Affairs he seeks to specifically engage in the teaching of international relations and cohabitation. Besides his studies he discovered the MUN society where he can critically discuss opinions and perspectives with people of similar interests from all around the world.

Nora Walker

USG of Chairs & Delegates

Nora Walker grew up in Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland. After graduating high school in 2015 she took a year off and spent some time in Oxford and Florence to improve her language skills. She then started her studies at the University of St. Gallen and is currently in her 4 th semester of International Affairs. Interested in international politics and other cultures, she discovered the amazing world of MUN and decided to become part of this year’s secretariat.
As USG of chairs and delegates she will be your primary contact person and is happy to help with any questions or needs that may arise to ensure you all have the best experience!

Daniela Wendler

USG of Marketing

Daniela Wendler is a Swiss and German student who decided, after growing up in Germany and spending a year each in Canada and France, to study in Switzerland. She is currently in her second semester. As she is interested in international politics she joined MUN and is now happy to be part of the team organising this conference. As USG of marketing you will probably meet her busy with a camera and taking pictures during the conference!

János Benz

USG of Sponsoring

János is a friendly and kind-hearted German who loves to organise things. After international experience in the UK and Jordan he has decided to come to St. Gallen to study International Affairs. At St. Gallen he discovered his passion for MUN and is now excited to organise only the second ever SGMUN Conference. As USG of Sponsoring and Fundraising he acquires as many sponsors as possible to ensure that you can enjoy our great conference for less, even though this is Switzerland and happiness is expensive.

Alexander Rashish

USG of Logistics and Speakers

Alex is an Austrian-American economics student at the University of St.Gallen. He has been participating in MUN since high school and now continues his engagement at university level as the USG of Logistics and Speakers. Before coming to HSG, he learned invaluable life-lessons as an ambulance worker for the Austrian Red Cross. He is very glad to welcome you to St.Gallen! If you would like to ask him any questions during the conference, just look for the tallest person in the room.

Marie-Lena Löhlein

USG of Socials

After graduating from school Marie-Lena followed her passion to work as a scuba diving guide in Spain and studied hotel management in the Netherlands. With this intercultural experience she is now a student of economics in St. Gallen. As a counter-balance to her studies she works for Unisport St. Gallen and, of course, is a member of St. Gallen Model United Nations. As USG of Socials she will draw from her own work experience in catering and gastronomy to create memorable social events that will bring the delegates closer together.

Gabriela Tedesco Romani

USG of Finance

Gabriela Tedesco Romani comes from Brazil and is currently studying in Switzerland. Her first cultural experience was with 14 years old. She spent 4 months at a high school in the US and at the age of 16 she did an exchange year in Switzerland. Later she decided to come back for her Bachelor Degree. For her interest in different cultures and how they can work together, she joined MUN and consequently volunteered to help to organize this conference. She believes this is a great place for everybody to grow personally and learn how to take into consideration all those differences when negotiating and pursuing a goal for a specific country. She is very glad to welcome you all!

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