Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

"Leaders of Change"

“One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.”
André Gide
Author & Nobel Prize Winner

We live in an age of sharp changes. Today as never before, we are seeing our world transforming rapidly and abruptly. On the one hand, scientific progress and economic development have significantly reduced poverty and infant mortality, raised life expectations and spread literacy. On the other side, climate change, scarce management of finite resources and sustained demographic growth are only some of the pressing problematics of our era. And despite the gravity and the marked international nature of these issues, more and more leaders claim the right to implement nationally-oriented policies in the name of the principle of self-determination. The St.Gallen Model United Nations Conference 2018 aims at connecting the young leaders of tomorrow and make them elaborate and reason on the problems of today. Because we need to learn how to work together to be able to shape these global developments. Because we need to rethink the way we see and live our present in order to safeguard our future and the one of our successors. Because we need to learn to be leaders of change.

And this, dear delegates, is our challenge to you:

  • Demonstrate your ability to harness the potential of this uncertainty and reflect, negotiate and produce responses to some of the most pressing questions of today;
  • Do not let old patterns and ways of thinking restrict you;
  • Do not fear to sweep aside the milestones laid before you!

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