Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

"Leaders of Change"

“One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.”
André Gide
Author & Nobel Prize Winner

Each and every one in this world has a choice either to remain within their comfort zone or accept the fact that the change is inevitable and learn how to use it to explore new realms. Instability can be scary, but it has led to momentous political and technological developments. Prominent scholars, like Galileo Galilei, continued speaking out their controversial ideas, despite the existing oppression, and nowadays we celebrate their accomplishments that keep shaping our world.

Today the political, economical and social spheres are highly volatile: Ukrainian crisis, Dieselgate scandals, blazing refugee situation are just a few examples. Therefore, the committee topics invite the participants to confront this reality and find viable and dynamic solutions.

And this, dear delegates, is our challenge to you:

  • Demonstrate your ability to harness the potential of this uncertainty and reflect, negotiate and produce responses to some of the most pressing questions of today;
  • Do not let old patterns and ways of thinking restrict you;
  • Do not fear to sweep aside the milestones laid before you!

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