Advanced Level - Joint Cabinet Crisis

Topic: Suleman’s march on Vienna: Ottoman-Habsburg war in Central Europe

Unlike other committees in MUN, Crisis gives you the possibility of stepping into the shoes of important statesman within history’s many infliction points. Instead of representing countries you are assigned a character throughout the sessions. Here you will not only be expected to be diplomatic and produce legislations/resolutions, but also to act on the ever-changing political landscape through directives, using the initial resources given such as budget, army, or agents and building them up through time. All coordinating with your government cabinet together in face of the opposition.

This SGMUN we are going back to 1526, where the throne of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia laid vacant. This incident accelerated the tension between the ever-growing Ottoman Empire and the Austrian Habsburg. Both Cabinets would then need to win favour with the local Central European & Balkan feudal overlords and people to further their goals of power dominance while keeping their internal politics in check. Delegates might also be assigned as one of the local lords and see whether they can squeeze an opportunity out of these trying times, which will add an intricate dimension of under-the-table politics to this crisis.

Arkan Diptyo

Crisis Director

Arkan is a final year student of KU Leuven Faculty of Economics and Business, Belgium. Hailing from Indonesia he enjoys the company of people from all over the world and has been involved in various student organizations in Brussels – however only MUN has stuck around his orbit for 3 straight years. He hopes the Ottoman-Habsburg Crisis would be a energetic and challenging one for delegates to enjoy. Additionally, Arkan always brings the same energy level to the socials – so are you ready delegates?

Ben Bolton


Ben Bolton is a Canadian born Scot who first experienced MUN during his time at York University where he studied German and Spanish. After discovering MUN he decided to leave the University and now studies Politics, History, Sociology and Psychology. Aside from academics Ben is interested in travel, walking and 80s music. He is looking forward to co-directing his first ever crisis at SGMUN.

Martin Galland

Chair - Habsburg Cabinet

Martin is a third-year French student doing BA International Studies in the Hague. SGMUN will be his 10th conference and 6th Crisis simulation where he will extremely happy to be the chair for the glorious Habsburg cabinet! This will be his first time chairing a crisis cabinet. Amongst his many and varied hobbies – he includes the sport of drinking wine and desperately looking for a good bakery in the Netherlands.

Natalie Joray


Natalie is a 20-year-old Swiss International Relations student and is currently doing the second year of her bachelor at the University of Geneva. She got into MUNs after her history teacher signed up her entire class for a local high school level conference and she has been hooked ever since. So far, she have been attending over a dozen conferences as a delegate all over Europe, including multiple crisis simulations. She is also involved in her local MUN association, starting off as a participant in the delegate training and now as the PR director. This is the first time for her to be in the backroom of a crisis simulation. She hopes to receive many creative directives during the conference!

Isidora Stanić


Isidora is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Law at the University in Osijek, Croatia. Besides law, she is  interested in international relations, diplomacy and global politics. She has almost 4 years of experience in MUN world and has participated in numerous conferences all around Europe. She has fulfilled different positions, all the way from delegating to being an organizer and a chair. This year at Saint Gallen Mun she will serve as a crisis backroom staff for the Habsbourg cabinet. She is looking forward to meet you all and she hopes you will enjoy the crisis!

Maya Sherman


Maya is a 2nd year Government student at IDC Herzliya in Israel. Her MUN experience started three years ago, joining IDCMUN. She has had the opportunity to fulfill various positions as a delegate, Chair, Board Member, Director and Secretariat Member. Maya delegated and chaired in numerous conferences in Israel and Europe. Currently she is the Conference Advisor and Supervisor of the Israeli Model UN Association, consulting to Secretariats of national and international conferences in Israel.

Yara Lilie de Léon


Yara Lilie de Leon will be turning 18 at the MUN conference. She graduated High School this July in Zurich and is currently in a gap year working, travelling and applying to universities. She started her MUN experience at the age of 16 and fell in love with it. Shortly after she went to MUNs in Poland and Spain. Her first Crisis was at ZuMUN18 where she got to know the world of planning, conspiring and killing. She is happy to be part of the backroom of SGMUN18 and excited to see what this crisis might bring.

Miguel de la Cal Moreno


Miguel is a second-year Philosophy and Film student at the University of Aberdeen. This year he is doing an exchange at the University of Zurich. He has been doing MUN since his first year of high school, 4 years ago, and crisis for 2 years. While in high school he was crisis director at MUNoH and MUNNY; he has also taken part in 3 other university crisis experiences. This will be his 8thconference. He REALLY likes movies and sometimes he rants about politics. He is looking forward to meeting yall.

Emily Warren

Chair - Ottoman Cabinet

Emily is a Middle Eastern Studies major at Tel Aviv University and an international MUN-er. She started Model UN in the States in a Russian Civil War backroom and has since delegated several crises across Europe and the Middle East. Having delegated for the Ottoman Empire before, Emily is excited to bring her knowledge and blossoming skills to SGMUN’18 as Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent: Chair of the Ottoman Cabinet. Outside of MUN, Emily enjoys hustling as an intern, craft beer and board games.

Kevin Chen


Kevin Chen, who was born and raised in the Netherlands, graduated from law school at Utrecht University where he minored in forensic psychology and legal ethics. Currently, he is in his last year of medical school, also at Utrecht University. Kevin has participated in more than 30 MUNs and hopes that the Crisis Council will be a huge success. He especially looks forward to the informal format, open dialogue and amazing ideas the delegates will come up with in order to counter the crisis at hand.  His interests consist of politics, medicine, law, traveling, socializing (preferably with a drink) and more; just ask!

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