European Council

Intermediate Level - European Council

The European Council brings together EU leaders to set the EU’s political agenda. It represents the highest level of political cooperation between EU countries.The European Council decides on the EU’s overall direction and political priorities. This committee is great for people who already have some MUN experience.

Topic A: The Eastern Partnership: The role of the EU in the Caucasus 

Topic B: Addressing nationalism and anti-EU sentiment within member states 

The Caucasus, a region steeped in a rich and complex history defined by cultural and religious diversity, turmoil and conflict, has had a growing relationship with the European Union. The Eastern Partnership, an initiative as part of the European Neighbourhood Program to encourage closer political and economic ties with the Caucasus faces a number of problems in the future. Growing geopolitical tensions with Russia, economic problems, and a number of human rights breaches invites the EU to reflect on its role in the region.

Populist rhetoric, nationalist sentiment present a profound threat to the future of European integration. The declining trust in the European Union, in turn, has led to a decline in turnout at European Parliamentary elections, hostility within and between EU members, and even the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. Resolving nationalism and populism is no easy feat for the European Council, but steps must be taken to help restart the process of reintegration and stabilise the union.

Bennett Nightingale


Bennett is a third year Politics student at the University of York, who is on a yearlong exchange at the University of Konstanz. He currently serves as the Secretary General of YorkMUN, and has attended a number of conferences in the UK and European circuit. He is excited to be your chair for the European Council at SGMUN, and looks forward to working with Freddie and Vaneska, as well as the rest of his committee.

Alfred Mallinson


Freddie Mallinson is a 2nd year Politics and International Relations student at the University of Kent. As well as numerous conference positions since beginning MUN at 16, he has served as Director of the IMF at OXIMUN 2018 and was the Secretary General of KentMUN, held in March.

Outside of MUN, Freddie loves live music, liberal politics and reading books on philosophy of mind.

Having attended SGMUN in its inaugural year as a delegate in the Brexit committee, he looks forward to returning to beautiful Saint Gallen this year, and building on the great success of the SGMUN conference.

Vaneska Mollard


Vaneska is law student at the University of Zurich, after having studied economics for 2 years at the University of St. Gallen. Being a “Child of Globalism” and having three nationalities including Swiss, Brazilian and German, she realized that politics and diplomacy were her calling. After discovering MUN in her first year at University, she fell in love with the world of debating, discussing, yelling and plotting. Being a firm believer in European values, she is excited to Chair at the European Council and see what you will accomplish during SGMUN 2018!

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