Beginner Level - Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Its primary role is to coordinate cooperation of member states regarding economic, social or environmental issues.  ECOSOC is an interesting committee for beginners who already know their way around the General Assembly, but would still like to experience other parts of the UN framework

Topic A: The “Gig” Economy: a new dynamic 

Topic B: Creating accountability for MNCs

During the sessions at the ECOSOC, you will have a unique chance to explore the challenges and opportunities of the “gig economy”, a new form of employment that relies on flexible labour and technology. While the traditional concept of ‘work’ involves a stable salary, set hours and a boss, today this understanding has been revolutionized by the “gig economy”. Within this framework, workers are effectively self-employed but keep relying on specific companies or online platforms to find work. However, the workers’ sole reliance on companies such as Uber or Deliveroo has called into question how much freedom they really have. In this context, should governments include and adapt to the gig economy? If so, how?

All over the world, large corporations take advantage of cheap labour and weak government oversight to gain larger profits for their global production. Often these companies commit human rights violations, exploiting local populations, infringing on land rights and destroying the environments around their developments. Should the UN do more to strengthen legal frameworks for dealing with these infringements? Should the UN initiate set rules for Multinational Companies to follow when expanding their productions internationally?


Virginia Debernardi


Virginia Debernardi – fondly known as ‘Debe’ – is currently entertaining herself with the study of law at Maastricht University. She loves her suits and never wears matching socks; get her a glass of whiskey and you can talk. In May 2013, she entered the MUN world – and as we all know, once you MUin, you never MUout. In SgMUN 2018, she will be a chair in ECOSOC. She is very much looking forward to breath some of that mountain hair.

Raffaele Bertino


Raffaele just graduated from a Bsc. in Data Science & Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University (The Netherlands). Truly European, he is half French, half Italian and grew up in Luxembourg. He discovered four years ago the MUN world through EuroMUN when he arrived in Maastricht. Having very diverse fields of interests and looking to broaden his horizons, he is excited to be chairing the ECOSOC committee at SGMUN 2018; making sure it will be a conference worth remembering!

Youri Moes


My name is Youri Moes, I am a student at Leiden University and have been doing MUN for 6 years. After all this time doing MUN there is something I have learnt, that there are no small countries, just small delegates. I have believed in this mantra as a delegate and have applied it to my chairing style as well. I believe any delegate has the potential of being a comprehensive diplomat. I want to help delegates in their path, training them in skills and content. To do this I have given my all to many beginner committees, to help delegates build foundations in MUN.

SGMUN will be no different, I look forward to coaching all delegates of ECOSOC to become better and stronger than they came. And of course ensure they have a great time.

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