Beginner Level - DISEC

The Disarmament and Security Committee (DISEC) is the First Committee of the General Assembly and is concerned with matters relating to global security. As its name suggests, DISEC has one of the broadest mandates of any of the General Assembly’s six committees. DISEC is a great beginners level committee and the perfect opportunity to introduce first time MUNers to debating.

Topic A: Facing the risks of lethal autonomous weapons 

Topic B: Building an international response to  cyber-warfare by non-state actors

The topic of Addressing the Risk of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) looks at the rapid development of these weapon systems and the lack of international framework that exists to address them. The debate focuses on how LAWS can independently search and target based solely on descriptions and limitations. Some Member States have rejected the idea of negotiating international law on fully autonomous weapons, despite the threat that they pose.


Building an International Response to Cyber Warfare by Non-State Actors focuses on the lack of coherent international framework to address cyber warfare. Cyber warfare is a new area where critical infrastructure of states can be targeted. Without global defences and a legal framework to combat this new form of warfare, non state actors can launch offensive attacks on governments and to which the global community would have no response.


Kelli-Anne Tim


Kelli-Anne Tim was born in Johannesburg, South Africa before she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at York University in Toronto. Currently, she’s studying her Masters in History, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Siegen in Germany. She discovered her passion for MUN at her first conference, SiegMUN, in November 2016. Since then, she participated in many conferences as a delegate and even went with her delegation to National MUN in New York in 2017. She has been chair, press director and a Secretariat Member at conferences throughout Europe. Beyond her love of MUN, she loves dogs, binge watching tv shows, travelling, playing tabletop games and of course, partying. She is excited to be chairing at SGMUN2018 and looks forward to seeing you all there!

Sebastian Linke


Born and raised in St. Gallen, Sebastian considers himself a true native of the city. He currently studies International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen. There, he also discovered his love for MUN. As assistant chair of the DISEC committee he is very excited to welcome you to his hometown. Though, he would like to offer you one piece of advice for your stay: Never eat the traditional “St. Galler Bratwurst” with mustard!

Assaf Oren


Assaf Oren is 25 years old and from Israel. He is currently studying Political Science and Communications at Tel Aviv University and part of their Model UN Society – TAUMUN. Joining the MUN world turned out to be the best decision he could make in his academic life and it has truly been an amazing experience for him to be a part of it. His passion for learning about different countries and cultures doesn’t stop in MUN, since in his spare time he is also a flight attendant, so there’s a chance you might bump into each other in one of your future flights (;

He has delegated in numerous conferences including EuroMUN and TLVMUN and he is excited for the amazing opportunity of chairing the DISEC Committee in SGMUN. He is looking forward to seeing you all enjoying the debate and having fun at the socials!

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